Company of Wolves

//A Brief History of Evil

Hilarious and mesmerising, terrifying and absurd, A Brief History of Evil is a duet about lies and where they can lead us.

Who hasn’t embroidered the truth, or pretended to be someone they’re not? When all the lies are stripped away, who is left? When we look in the mirror, who looks back? Which version is really us?

A Brief History of Evil is a white-knuckle ride to an unknown destination: what happens when we listen to the voices inside us? Or don’t?

Created and performed by Ewan Downie and Jonathan Peck, with directorial assistance from Al Seed, A Brief History of Evil combines Company of Wolves’ electrifying movement style with the vulnerability, mockery, and satire of clown and buffon. The result is a performance that is dangerous, relentless, and very, very funny.

"Sinister yet playful… sympathetic and witty despite the undertow of horror."

Gareth Vile in The List

"Lighthearted yet devilishly dark… A powerful exploration of our inner evil."

"You’re caught up in the downward spiral of its characters; the eerie spoken word and seductive physicality sucking you in in spite of your growing discomfort."

Broadway Baby

"Violent. Sensual. Nightmarish. Ill. Two people who are awful for each other. Unhealthy."

Audience Member

// The End of Things

Touring in 2017

The four horsemen of the apocalypse.
A wild celebration of catastrophe.
A red row of numbers counting down to zero.
Awake at 5.00am on your friend’s mum’s sofa.

What is the end? How did we get here? And what happens after?

As we explore endings and our all-too-human reluctance to embrace change.

Come for the party, the booze, the fag ends and red lipstick.

Come for laddered tights and mushroom clouds.
For ticking time bombs, lost opportunities and the heat-death of the universe.

Watch, as the pin is pulled from the grenade, as the sands of time run out, as the unsuspecting foot steps on the cruel banana skin.

Come for the sheer pleasure of chaos and redemption.

Come and see what might lie at the end of things.


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