Sita Pieraccini's 'Bird' part of Made in Scotland 2016

Feral presents…

‘Bird’ By Sita Pieraccini

Dancebase (Venue 22)

5th-28th August | 18.30pm

40 mins | 12+

£12 (£10 Concession)

Supported by Made in Scotland. |

A vast and desolate world. One lone creature, starved of both food and friendship. With only a patch of soil to call her own, she must be ready to seize every small opportunity that might fly by…

Created through inventive clowning, mime and visceral physicality, and enriched by a detailed and subtle soundscape which is performed live, Bird is a timeless tale of friendship, courage, magic and madness. Live foley by David Pollock.

Bird is a dialogue-free immersive production created through collaboration between physical performer and director, Sita Pieraccini and musician/Foley artist, David Pollock. It is a solo performance which charts the epic journey of a lone human figure in a hostile landscape who forms a touching relationship with a little passing songbird, but then is driven by hunger to kill and eat it. The entire show is based on actions and reaction and is precisely choreographed, requiring a high level of performance technique in the areas of mime, clown and manipulation. A simple tale told with compelling physical and live audio precision, ‘Bird’ is hugely imaginative and accessible with a very sincere, underlying poignancy.

Lighting and technical tricks in illusion and magic play the part of the environment and hint at the presence of an otherwise invisible bird. In the somewhat post-apocalyptic world of Bird, landscapes and elements share characteristics we are familiar with yet appear alien in many ways. This hint of mutated nature and the wasteful behaviour of the character give Bird resonances with contemporary environmental concerns

A key characteristic of ‘Bird’ is the foley accompaniment created by David Pollock on stage. In place of a melodic score, all sounds - even down to the footsteps of the character - are created live to transport the audience to an imaginary wilderness and enhance the sensation of solitude and intimacy.

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Glasgow, Scotland

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